Over its 170+ years, HN Co. has navigated the civil war and two world wars, developing office and operating systems for banks, insurance, and manufacturing companies. In the latter years the company evolved into an investment and advisory company, specializing in managing multi-generational family and investment strategies in the commercial real estate, energy, and speciality-finance areas.

Edward F Treis

Edward F. Treis is the fifth generation Steward and Partner of H. Niedecken & Co. Edward is responsible for directing company activities in the areas of investment capital and advisory services, real estate, financial services, and energy investments. Prior to his oversight of HN CO., Edward was the Director, EVP, and CFO of what was then known as the Arandell-Schmidt Corporation (ASC). He oversaw the financial structuring of acquisitions, private capital, and project financing which lead to a significant, prolonged period of growth for ASC. Prior to that, Edward was VP and Director Corporate Finance for what was then known as Marine Bank where he focused on capital planning, estate planning mergers, acquisitions, and other related consulting and advisory services. Before that, Edward was the Director State Housing Agency Insurance for the Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Company (MGIC) where he organized and managed a division which insured mortgage pools for State Housing Finance Agency offerings. Edward F holds a degree in finance from Marquette University.

F Edward Treis II

F Edward Treis II is the Managing Partner of HN CO. and is responsible for overseeing the direction of HN CO.’s real estate portfolio and ongoing activities within HN CO.’s commercial real estate sector. Prior to his work with HN CO., F Edward assisted in the oversight of development and acquisition of industrial and multi-family properties for HSI Properties which included opportunity development, financial underwriting of properties/developments, capital structuring, equity sourcing, and commercial real estate brokerage. Previous to that, F Edward was a commercial real estate broker for the James T Barry Company where he specialized in buyer/tenant representation, representation of disposition, and investment analysis. F Edward holds a degree in psychology and business administration from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.