Below you will learn more with respect to our areas of focus and how we see these sectors playing a value-added role in the composition of a competitive, investment portfolio. We are pleased to offer further, specific details on our holdings and projects, past, present and future, upon request.


HN Co. has historically participated in the energy markets, through the utilization of Master Limited Partnerships (MLP’s). Working as essentially a utility, with characteristics similar to that of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT’s), HN Co. recommends strongly their portfolio implementation, given the strength and consistency of their respective cash-flows, as well as the downside protection they offer, relative to the rest of the opportunities in the traditional energy markets. MLP’s also offer differing tax structures, which more closely mirror those of private placements investments, making them an attractive to companion the majority of the real estate holdings that HN Co. has in its portfolio. Much of this energy-based infrastructure behind these MLP investments resides in the form of pipelines for transportation and facilities for the purposes of processing. HN Co. is confident that the easing of regulation, as it pertains to the energy industry, will only further increase the value of these unique, investment instruments. HN Co. is pleased to meet privately with any individuals and investment firms who are interested in learning more with respect to MLP’s and better understand which of those positions we currently hold in our portfolio and why.

Real Estate

HN Co. offers a competitive suite of turn-key real estate services, from consultation & brokering, all the way up to syndication of existing investment opportunities and new-construction development, within both the commercial and residential sectors of real estate. Within our platform of real estate consultation services, HN Co. offers proprietary, investment advisory strategies for capital placement, with respect to both private and public market placements. HN Co. welcomes the opportunity to co-invest alongside of qualified, outside capital with respect to opportunities that meet our strict criteria. HN Co. is preferably seeking to invest in and potentially develop commercial real estate within the industrial sector, as well as into select opportunities that are in the residential sector, specifically single and multi-family housing. HN Co. is also a strategic partner in the area of alternative finance for commercial real estate projects.


HN Co. participates in the area of specialty-finance mainly through the investment into Business Development Corporations (BDC’s). Like with MLP’s and REIT’s, BDC’s offer the opportunity to participate in numerous areas of specialty-finance and alternative equity, while retaining the benefits of being a liquid investment. Liquidity is a characteristic of investment that HN Co. greatly values and is careful to weigh the consequences of potentially sacrificing it when weighing opportunities. Outside of our activity in the public sector, HN Co. will consider investment and offer advisory services into opportunities that reside in the private sector. HN Co. has spent much time in the past with respect to small and medium sized, privately held businesses, mainly in the manufacturing space. At times, HN Co. has found additional value with these private opportunities, in the form of being able to invest in and syndicate the real estate as well. HN Co. also holds a large private equity interest, within the scope of specialty-finance, which seeks to offer funding solutions for residential home-improvements. This particular placement has greatly benefited from the undue regulation which has been put towards traditional lenders having the ability to finance common, home-improvements. One of the aids of further deregulation in the financial industry which has taken place recently, is that this private placement is beginning to further draw interest from traditional, bank holding companies, who have otherwise been unable to access this alternative financing space for the last number of years. HN Co. is pleased to discuss in private with individuals and investment firms, our placements within the specialty-finance and private equity space. As well as offer advisory services with respect to these sectors.